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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Any space that establishes my supremacy over the others is my happy space. Basic human nature is such that the force of power must be exerted on others for one to feel elated. As politically incorrect this statement is, my state of mind too is criminal. I love the television studio.

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with that space in college. The only space where the temperature to work is so conducive that it makes me smile. It makes me want to come to the studio, and college as early as 9:30 am on the days when I am not required on the set. The only place where the temperature controls are almost out of bounds for students and no one tells the staff to turn the air conditioner off. You can now shoot and not sweat. Which also means you don't need shoot clothes to go with the space. No ugly blue pyjamas with oversized red tshirt. Who'da thunk?

Contrary to everyone, I love the ugly floor. It is always cool and to walk barefoot on it is not disgusting. I like how flexible the lights are, the colours and the combinations one can use in order to have the desired effect. I love the flats, the ugly black ones and the bright toad green ones. I love the navy flats flanking snobbery all over the studio being too few in number. I love the PCR. The temperature for air conditioner is perennially set to 15 degrees. Though my favourite place in the summer, I think I will need a blankie to survive in the next fortnight or so. I like the technical support staff and the odd camera person who helps us with light. They make you want to work hard in that place.

New TV studio is the only place in college that I don't mind going in at any point. Make me climb up and down the spiral staircase, I will do it without a sign of fatigue. Ask me to wind up my lunch for two productions while my uterus is bleeding, I will pull it off (with only as much as 5 minute taking-a-dump break). Ask me to do multiple duties in one production, I will do it for you. It's not for you as much as it is for the love of the space that makes me want to work instantly.

As much as technical boundaries restrict you, human resources fail, that place has never let me down. Each time I've stepped out of it, I have had a notes in my head- how to make the productions work, what to do and what to avoid. Have your models' hair ironed before a shoot. Ensure that set won't fall on your actor. Make sure you have microphones and that they work. Get an anchor who looks sexy when needed and not housewife sweet. Don't overuse someone's talent in front of the camera. Brief your camera peoeple. Convey to the lighting people exactly what you want. Don't rely on CG. CG is evil. Have your audio sorted before you get on with dry run. Make sure you have people helping your set crew. Have supplies and resources handy.

 At an aesthetic level, I am pleased with the jobs I have done on the construction of set. At yet another level, I am extremely pleased with my music library. It's something that I can fall back on and it doesn't fail me. I have a feeling that I am soon going to lose all my music because of how noticeable this is becoming in class but it's worth all the years of listening to a whole variety of music and not just Justin Timberlake on loop. I am elated as I stand post the completion of all my duties in PCR as well as on the floor.

In a way our lives resemble the studio practice exercise. You live your one chance given to you with the help of forces who join your way. Some by force, others by choice. You dictate some and manipulate others, while you're also being played at the hand of others. You have regrets as well as little joys that you celebrate (or not, depending on how sad your life is). You have a set of friends, family and everyone who's dear to you to have your back. You also have central characters who may or may not be your allies but will help you define your production. It's all a part of living life. Those 600 seconds you get at the PCR dictating everyone how to do and what to do, it's going to add upto your account of

It's surreal to have lived in a space where you create the distinction between illusion and reality- where you create an alternate world to validate the reality you're living in. Inside TV studio, everything is possible. You can make and break something and someone. It's just as delicate as a wish from a fable. You have the power to utilise it whatever way you want to. It'll serve you. It's your bitch. But, be careful what you wish for. It might backfire. 

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