Monday, October 21, 2013

October's on to a magical start already. With shitloads of alcohol along with stuff that shouldn't be in my system in the first place, landing up drunk three nights a week and making a hot mess out of the situation has become my forte. Occasion being Sinner's sister's wedding. 2013 marks as the year when everybody's sibling got hitched, excluding mine. You can't have the alcohol and drink it, I suppose.

The wedding and the mehendi were nothing short of spectacular. I am sucker for customisation and hand-picking things. Right from food to the music, everything was well thought of and it worked in sync with the weather, the company that surrounded as well as the people I hung out with. It was almost like our college festival- where the four of us met every evening and had a really swell time drinking and fooling around. Some things don't change. Infinitely thankful for that!

Today's day has been the peak point of my out of control diet. It appears on my body as though I am eating my feelings out and to say the least, it's quite harmful. Specially, after the drastic calorie cut I did for three months, this binge for the last one month is lethal. I want to stop it, cut all this nonsense and get back to hectic work in college and get on to my diet but somehow, lack of initiative and festivities around me are tying me down to the ground. Every single day is something and when it's not, it's fall and I want my fix of rava onion dosa.

I began my day with sago vadas, all the way from Mumbai that OCD ridden friend's mother sent for me. After watching re-runs of Castle from over one week, I headed out for a greasy South Indian platter and a filter coffee that tasted like Marlboro lights. I swear, one more cup could have fixed my craving for honeydew but I had to cut it short in order to catch a movie.

Cinema time with Goldhawk is a privilege allowed to a few. I am one of them. Each time we venture out for a movie, we come back with a story worth of publishing in a magazine. Today's was race against the time. I left the restaurant at 4:45 and the movie was on 5:05 pm. Convinced that my 14 km distance from my existing point to the theatre would be covered in the time difference, I told Goldhawk to pick our tickets (who, btw, stays less than 2 kms from the theatre). She reached the theatre at 5:05 and called to inform that the tickets were available but since their plastic machine wasn't functioning she was on her way to an ATM to withdraw cash. I inquired whether she had asked the ticket cashier to save us two tickets to which she said that we'd easily make it. A minute later she called back to inform that tickets were all sold out.


I had paid rs 120 to reach the theatre with the next show being four hours from then, 5:15 pm. Dejected, I tried my luck. I reached the ticket counter and asked for two tickets for current show. Gravity is worth the auto money as well as over priced weekend rate. Except, this time, I was pushing my luck.

"Ma'am, we only have two tickets, fifth row from the front, centre seats."

"That's perfect! I need those two, could you hold on for a second", I pulled my phone out to dial Goldhawk to tell her that I have somehow, miraculously pulled two tickets out and that she should rush. She came right behind me before I could get to her on the phone. After I informed her about the tickets, she was raving mad. She confronted the dude at the counter, who for some godforsaken reason decided to ask us which one of us would like the tickets to purchase. For no apparent cause, he denied my friends the tickets and was willing to sell it to me until he found out we're together. He sheepishly sold the tickets to my friend who was extremely pissed by then.

In the course of laughing our butts out with the strange encounter at the counter, we got on to the wrong floor of the mall and missed first 7 minutes of the movie. Drama aside, the movie's absolutely worth every penny and the effort we put in. It's one of those projects that you watch and wonder what you're doing as an amateur film maker and that you should burn yourself.

Post movie, to calm Goldhawk, I let her take charge. She wanted us to grab drinks from some place which has happy hours running all the time. Cocoa, as she had claimed had the best deals ever. We walked a bit to figure the place only to find out that the place had completely shut down. By this time, I was convinced for us to wrap our evening by getting home. One of those days when elements try really hard to beat you and you let them win.

My murphy's day ended with a massive hives attack that I was battling with insomnia. Up until now, that I have been engulfed in placebo effect. 3:04 am. Two shoots, edit and rehearsal for the live show, where I get to play the bass (yay!) publically, after a really long time. Mama needs her bed. More, later.

P.S. Cannot get over this ballad. It's an embarrassing earworm but we all have our embarrassing music preferences, don't we?

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