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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

One year ago, when I started with Masters, amongst the very first thing the professors did was to stream the products made by our seniors. Products worthy of remembering. I made a silent wish. I wanted my product to be added to the list of those which were to be screened to subsequent batches. 

In my first year, several arguments, malaise and disappoinment later, we came out with "Start Somewhere". I had my doubts as well as insecurities but after watching the end product, I knew it didn't matter- whether or not it was to be screened to our juniors. We (the team) were convinced about the fact that it was by far the most evocative final product ever made. 

About ten minutes back, I left my college for hospital. Terrible hives attack. I was anticipating it to happen during the day since I was directing the very first TV product today with a team of twelve classmates. Naturally, the pressure was intense. Also, under supervision things tend to fall on Murphy's track. However, I was proven wrong in both the accounts. 

The production was far better than any one of us had thought. Our shots were crisp, VM switch was swift and everybody played to their strength. Knowing how hard I am on myself, I was extremely pleased with the outcome. 

I was replaying today's events in my head while sitting in the lab, waiting for the pathologist to draw blood from my vein. The standard procedure before anything concrete could come by. Addams Family credit song started playing on my phone, jjust when the pathologist rubbed my arm to look for vein. 

It was OCD ridden team mate from previous production. 

I ignored the ringing mobile for quite a while. Much to my irritation it didn't stop. Persistance. By this time, the needle had pierced in my skin. I answered.

"I'm in hospital."

"They are streaming our production on the day of Orientation amongst the list of other products."  

"Send me a picture! Are you in college?"

"Yeah look it says our names against the name "Start Somewhere"."

What an unbelievably good day it has been. 

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