Hedonism and the works

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Merely seventeen hours back I was writing notes on my ideas about sapiosexuality and how it beats my preference for asexuality. In the span of last sixty minutes, I've spotted two incredibly good looking stoners.

First, my classmate's friend from France. He shamelessly sold the guy to me until I spotted that fiance of his. Those six pack never looked better. Second, a bass player from Boston who's got an even hotter girlfriend. It's got to do with bassplayers more than anyone else. I refuse to believe this as a sweet coincidence about bass players in general. Note my term, bass players not bassists or bassies or basslovers. Bass players play it the best.

So good looking that my whole ideology has been damned even before I could have mulled over it.
Also, wishes come true. Refer to previous post if you must.

And, Amici has won me over. I'm on your side. 

I need to write a lot more about what's been up but only after I finish my work. Later.

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