Prancer in the Dark

Friday, July 19, 2013

Can you fall in love with 16 MM film in just a day?

I've largely ignored cinema. You know that one person in corner with a smug expression who believes reading is superior. That's me. Conversion and three days into third semester, all I've done is read up on films- all kinds. Reading is preceded by watching them. Student films, films made by Ramsay Brothers, films by my professor, depressed cases- pretty much everyone. The stark difference between reading and watching (a film) is planning. While the former demands some kind of standalone treatment, latter can be spontaneous. Inspite of having my body clock messed up, I've been quite enthralled and interested by the opportunities that are coming around. Eight solid months to use the technology (rad technology and resources as N would say) and essentially pick between struggle and uncertainty or boredom and stability. It comes in a packed cushion. Ever been confronted by two designs packed separately at a shopping experience? Happens to me all the time- regardless of whether I am buying boxers or earrings. Two distinct things with the characteristics of parallel lines are offered and I end up regretting leaving the other (always).

As much as I say with conviction that I want to pursue publishing, a tiny bit wants to be rebel and say, if jackasses (known cases, mostly) can delve into anything they want to do without thinking of how suitable would they be, you, my darling need to calm down a bit and take the plunge. At the same time, rationality confronts me to remind that my cinema literacy is as limited as someone who would call Paulo Coelho as their favourite writer (it's a crime, really). Then again, there are people who are not impressed by Camus' work and then there are people for whom 90s Bollywood is genuinely awe-inspiring. I could ace film literacy and develop my own voice to tell a moving story-visually by investing time and patience.

Graduating second semester is the most overrated fact of my life, currently. Also, I feel odd in admitting but this is the most crucial period of my life. Testing times- physically and mentally.

On that note, I'd like to call it a day and leave my hazy skeletal ideas to rest in peace. Pass me a clove cigarette, will you? (Hi, mom)

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