Definitely not how I thought I'd roll Summer

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Perfecting Mutton Biryani, marinating chicken . Making dinner . Eating Salad . Laying the table . Crunches and planks . Working out for a six pack and leaving it after the appearance of first set . Making innumerable trips to Sarojini and becoming really good at spotting clothes . Wondering if being Hannah Horvath is acceptable or not . Spending unhealthy amount of time watching The Office and movies in general . Not reading a single book . Not consuming alcohol . Spending a night on the stool in ER . Refraining from eating Maggi . Spending more cash than making . Making no cash at all . Cheating on diet with red velvet cupcake . Being cheated on . Being single . Jogging . Sleeping in the hospital . Wondering what happened to all the travel plans .  Getting sago vadas home delivered Not travelling anywhere .  Not meeting anyone . Being a domestic goddess . Sleeping through the mornings . Growing nails . Eating Dairy Milk in bed . Having a poor/low self image . Putting on four fucking kilos during diet and working out regime . Despising fat arms and belly and wrists . Not playing the bass . Not doing anything to lose weight beyond a point . Meeting cousins . Bunking work to shop . Eating tons of green apple yogurt .

Last weekend of the last summer vacation. 

For all the time we've lost,
And all that's left unsaid;
Let's go. Let's go,
On a late, afternoon car drive.
SA from Kid Without Candy

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