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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It’s unimaginable to continue doing something for a while without any rhyme or reason. Updates on this blog, for an instance. There was a time I’d rush to get home and fill my heart out with uncensored-graphical details of my ordinary existence in school/college. Today, I look back and see a kid, sitting infront of a PC, looking for an outlet to do something different than what the rest of the kids in class were upto- in every way. Be it surviving through school or picking a major for college. The same kid today, is sitting infront of a laptop screen, promoting the fuck out of her last college production.

Six years ago, if someone would have told me that I’d become this passive creature- shying away from writing, I’d probably get violent with that person. This blog is a transcript of shit that paved my life 2007 onwards (or how some would like to say, ‘she arrived’). People who stayed and things that changed; made its way in here. Snobster completed six years today. The archive section may say otherwise but I have suppressed some content which I don’t feel is relevant in the course of growing up. The skeletons of a blogger has been done with. Time melted and people changed. People who seemed significant at some point were absolutely rubbished in coming months. This page has seen the girl growing up. Her insecurities, her tryst with making a niche for herself and in the way growing up.

However, keeping up with the merriment, I decided to come up with a something special. In the last six years, I mentioned countless crushes followed by how they all crushed me one by one. Some sooner than expected, others for a long while. This Sixth Anniversary post is an ode to the six guys I fussed about in the last six years on this blog.

“Eye Candy”
We never really exchanged anything meaningful (other than a pen and few words here and there)
You were quite the stunner,
But that was never my game.
I feel pretty terrible about wasting two years’ worth of mental space on you.
Hope you and your girlfriend (who’s taller than you) are doing well.
PS- Pink’s not your colour. Throw that T-shirt in the bin.

“Bobo Doll”
I am the perfect example to apply Bandura’s Social Learning theory.
I am not very sure what to highlight in your case;
The fact that your face compliments your intellect,
Or, your charm manages to capture my attention.
But at the end, it boils down to your not so modest attitude
And your snob value, that makes me love your face (present tense, deliberately).

“The Good Guy”
You were the first “coming of age” crush I garnered,
Gleaming green eyes and your vocal chords made you yummy,
So much so that I referred to you as an Italian dish.
Only fair to name you that, you’re so tastefully done.
Oh, oh, oh. Who’da thunk?
We’d meet again. And how.

“Fusion Masala”
You amaze me. I didn’t know they made guys like you.
I don’t know what to bill you under-
Academic excellence, disturbing good looks,
Or flattering work in your field.
Only one thing, darling.
Work on your spellings, you’d be a dream come true.

“The Dark Lord”
It took me a while (close to two years) to realize that,
You’re not supposed to treat my head like a soccer field.
Until then, I was passionately in love with your voice;
And how it extended to the pen.
You’re when I hit rock bottom.
Glad you never came back around. (Asshole)
“Muffin Top”
You’re perhaps the most unexpected “crush”,
Sorry to say, not talented by my accord.
I think that made you special enough, struck a chord.
Since you’ve always been there,
That compensates your face, not looking like a Grecian God.
You’re so close, yet so far. (I think you’ll be in this list for a while until you make a move)

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