Another stone in the wall

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two semesters in one year. Masters experience that is a prologue to the rest of the life. Conditioning that has gone in the dumps. Every "Go fuck yourself" that turned to, "माँ चुदाये दुनिया, बहिनचोद " (The world can go fuck themselves, sisterfuckers). People who taught me more about life than 17 years of education from the finest institutions that I attended. Shit that I am proud of, that defines the person I am moulding into professionally. 

I wouldn't swap anything in life with this. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Kanye and Kelly, are you listening? 

(That doesn't mean I will stop feeling suicidal and be depressed about my existence as a whole in this institute for another year to come.)

I won't be emotionally attached to this phase or people associated with it. No, I won't. 

Now go, have a look at what my team produced. It this doesn't inspire you to work towards bringing in a change in your measly existence, you deserve to die. 

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