Can I have a day?

Friday, May 03, 2013

I ran into two girls at McDonald's today. I was enjoying the end of a rather badly done viva by treating myself to a soft serve when I saw a girl dressed in white skirt that touched her ankles, socks that touched her knee and a loose white shirt with blue stripes, tucked in the skirt. This had to be someone from my school. Accompanying her was her younger sister, cute kid dressed in white and red polka dotted dress, not over four years old. I stopped by and asked the elder one if she went to my school. She nodded in affirmation and I told her about my association with the alma mater. She recited the meet to her mother who was standing in the queue, buying lunch for the girls. She turned back and smiled at me. Connection. Association. Of the choice she made for her daughters. The same as my parents made for us.

I returned back thinking how school was not all that bad and how badly I miss being escorted home by my mother.

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