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Sunday, April 07, 2013

There are two types of people in this world. One, the type who goes ahead and does something without taking a single piece of advice. Second, the type which seeks advice and goes ahead with their life.

Admittedly, I constitute as a plus one in the type two. More often than not, it's interesting to see how I take advice and never apply (and mostly, fall flat on my face). This time around, it's quite spectacular to see the advice flowing in while I sit on the fence, eating a lick-lolly (cola being my favourite).

I am talking about buying a new smartphone.

It's easier to adopt a child from Ethiopia than buying a new mobile phone while living here. I say this because not only it's extremely hard to battle one phone over the other in terms of their functionality and full uses but also battling the advice that comes your way from friends, well-wishers, family, pets, postman, driver. You get the drift?

 I have been on the issue of changing my phone for a little over month now, only made this vocal in the past 10 days. Ever since I made the premature announcement of leaving the Blackberry town for good, there's been mixed opinion. For an instance,

"Why aren't you on Whatsapp? Get Whatsapp"- Mother, who's already on my Facebook list, Google Plus Circle, BBM list and sleeps in the room next to mine

"GOOD FOR YOU! You'll have phone just like *insert some woman who I am not particularly fond of*" - Tea

"Going for Sony? Really? Life's come full-circle for you, huh?" - Man Friday

"ll die without you :'(" - *Identity protected

 (mid write-up thought: Facebook should be banned. What a useless distraction. Ooh, look, my well manicured florescent pink nails!)

Right, I will admit, the attention was flattering and I didn't think anyone would pay a heed to the fact I'm off this platform but like many things, I was proven wrong. Finally, day before, my BBM pack expired and I am off the radar for good. It's been like a rehab. Only, I can't communicate with half the world because the mails are not at my disposal unless I am at home (WIFI!). While I struggled to explain my friend in Jodhpur to pick a leather satchel for me, she couldn't communicate visually for the lack of a medium to send me shots of what  is available in the market. I had to beg my sibling to let me use her Whatsapp in order to communicate and pick my choice of the bag (which, by the by, my friend didn't buy citing that bag smelt of camel poop amongst other reasons). This makes me want to go to the market and buy a phone that supports the whole idea of Hotspot (and this post is for fellow nettards) because, I am addicted to my mail server, it seems.

Anyway, this process of moving hasn't been easy. I think it's easier moving out of town and setting base elsewhere than changing phones. There are just too many options available in market and if you're like me and have great tech friends, you'll be in a tough spot.

My first choice was an iPhone 5, because, it's an iPhone and only thing worth moving on to was that. My army is anti Mac so that didn't work out. Even before I could utter "Apple" I was asked to shut up. Naturally, Android came next in line. The only phone that appealed to me in the circuit was Xperia Z, for the simple reason, it's washable! If you must know, I washed my blackberry in the washbasin a month and a half back while removing mehendi off my palms. I was a little drunk and well, forget it. The good thing is, my phone didn't let me down for long and started working back almost as if an estranged lover returned. The fact that Xperia was dust resistant and water proof made me fall in love as I streamed the video on Youtube.

I went ahead and discussed this option (just like weed) with two of the geeks I know. It went on something like this:

Me- So I am thinking of buying an Xperia Z. What do you think?
Geek 1- It's a good phone. I don't see what do you want to do with it?
Me- Um?
G1- I mean, you can get anything else right? You won't be able to make full use of Android. How about looking at something like Nokia Lumia? It has a better OS and Android's a lot like using Windows. Will hang a lot and you'll have to carry the charger everywhere. If you want that, go ahead by all means.
Me- Not the battery bit! Blackberry's battery is decent.
G1- Yeah, forget about decent battery. You'll have to charge it every 5-6 hours if you're a heavy user or atleast every 10 hours. If that's the concern, get HTC One. It's a great phone.

Me- So I am thinking of buying an Xperia Z. What do you think?
Geek  2- How about you buy Galaxy S4?
Me- No. I have been using my mother's tablet and I do not particularly like Samsung's user interface.
G2- I can get you one really cheap, provided your budget is around 5ok.
Me- No, man. I am broke. I can't afford anything over 37k.
G2- How about, I get you an iPhone 5, a month old for 4ok?
Me-Can you tell me about Xperia Z?
G2- Only a month old!
G2- How about you go for Samsung?
G2- You want to buy Xperia. Go for Xperia. It's good, not unique.
Me- Do you think it's a good phone?
G2- It's good, not unique.

I woke up today to read country's top tech-guru's column on the best smartphone in market in Spring- Summer '13. It seemed like I was reading a report on recently concluded WIFW with the whole "Spring- Summer" thing happening. Sadly, I can't afford stuff from either. The plus in that column is that it had just the same phones I've been considering. The minus? The column writer will conclude his column next week so hah, I am going to be minus a smartphone for atleast a week.The forums online rate these phones neck to neck, with different shortcomings in each one. While Windows isn't my first preference, Android's battery is an issue. HTC has great features but it's never been on my list. The person financing the phone is a Mac hater so that's out of question and that's been my reiki over the new phone.

Meanwhile, half of my friends are worried that I am dying of cancer in two days and hence been sending me, you're going messages. Now that I have gone, I feel a bit relieved at the same time missing the nonsensical crap that flowed on BBM all the time. Anyway, this post can't end for the simple reason, I am still trying to figure out which one amongst my options would make for the best phone but I am a grade two nettard for now. I can distinguish a core processor from a dual core processor. Hells Yeah.

(to be continued)

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