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Friday, April 12, 2013

One of the most odd things about my childhood remains the evening showers. What makes it strange is that i remember those pool soirees very distinctly. It was almost like a ritual to take a dip in the tub filled with icy cold water and water fragrance every evening starting from April, right until October. As an when I grew up, the tub shit was replaced by a short shower for several reasons. Deodorants were the key (more often than not Axe, stronger fragrance being my preference) and water fragrance was left behind. The thing that stuck with me, however, was the peculiar smell of icy cold water. If you, like me, have ever pondered during a long bath, you'd know the smell. It's distinct from the one that flows out of tap. This cold water exudes something that changes the course of thought over the span of 5-7 minutes long cleansing affair. Call it therapy or simply a measure to attain good night's sleep, these showers have managed to keep me sane. The touch of cold water on the nape has the potential to cure anything- from a heartbreak to knee-ache. Of course, it's a it like the experience felt after looking at art. it vanishes the minute water ceases to run down the spine and you're sucked into the hell hole of misery, of ordinary life experience and the troubles of daily grind.

I just took the most satisfying shower of this month. Needless to say, my troubles went away with the water.

Also, Sugarcoated by Cyanide makes for the perfect post work-beat stress record during the shower and after it.

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