Hard Being Easy

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Do you, as a writer, plan your blog posts under the shower after a long day? I know, I do. Perhaps, because I lack an emotional blanket to hear me out at the end of each day- what went on, who did I torture and murder mentally,  discuss the times my car stopped on the way- all that. I refuse to believe that most people get past this daily by having it all bottled out. It nestles between my mind and keyboard- only to be manifested by painted, fat fingers.

March's always been a hard month. Hard because for the last couple of years I am always at my finest low. Either academics or people bring me down and that causes trauma and agony (specially exams). There is always baggage and to top it, fresh stock loads up only during fucking March. I don't wish to go into detail or make it sound like I've lost my limb or my boyfriend died (none of which happened so far). I need to put an end to introversion- as an activity on daily basis that I have started enjoying, much like driving. It involves a lot of thinking and some external participation which is generally tolerable as they are not directly meeting me.

I have lost my chain of thought but I wanted to talk about the upper hand in the scenario of breakup. Of episode 5 & 6 of Girls, season 1. Marnie's indecision towards her nice boyfriend, their breakup, them getting back together and her dumping him. Isn't it saying something?

Like a friend said, I should stop watching Girls and move to Modern Family.

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