Sugar, spice and my vice

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Acquiring a skill has got a lot to do with natural flair for the skill itself. John Locke and I wouldn't stand on the same tangent because I come from a school of thought that doesn't subscribe to the notion of Tabula Rasa. I say this because off late I've been cooking and that as an activity is extremely therapeutic.

I'd like to bring in an important factor here. Contrasting bass playing with cooking is unfair but the reason for picking both the activities was largely the same- acquiring a skill while diverting energies towards something productive. The difference here is only visible when one takes into consideration the result. The result of my culinary skills are way more satisfying than my bass playing. In the last five years of playing, I put in a lot more effort than I usually put in my meals/cakes, yeti find something lacking. Cooking actually produces results- disastrous as well as gorgeous. I find my mind at ease while I cook, weigh ingredients for the right taste. It's all about hit and trial in cooking and I certainly do that with ease.

Cooking also provides with more tangible results. Quantifying the outcome of either of these two activities would be unfair but on some level we all look at the ends rather than the means of achieving it. No amount of training and practice could get me to play bass as beautifully as say how the mutton stew comes out. Entire house smells of a warm boat as opposed to sounding like a dinosaur fart (our dog could never tolerate my playing).

I know for a fact, critics would argue saying, the talent only comes to you because you come with the pre conceived notion of the "gene" pool nonsense or that you've convinced yourself to believe so. I'd disagree with the same for there are several examples, we all are aware of, cases where gene pool had nothing to do with acquiring of a particular skill (son of a carpenter won't necessarily be born with the skill/ability. He could acquire it if he wants to) but all depends on flair and interest. Sure, the carpenter could polish the craft of his son if they mutual agree upon or the son could show some potential but it's not the ultimate deciding factor.

Either ways, cooking happens to be the mode to transfer myself to an alternate world where all I get is satisfaction of exhausting my mind the way it should be done.

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