Find me an Objective

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I just went through some of my old posts and here's what I thought:

  1. My life was interesting.  I could report well about it on this page.
  2. I miss college*, people who I went to college with, people who tried to teach us at college.
  3. Procrastination has hit new heights. I should be working on my fucking research proposal's objective.
  4. I don't believe I referred to a certain cunt as 'partner'. That's how stupid I was an year ago.
  5. I should be sleeping. Else, I'll bang into a car tomorrow morning.
  6. Gah, I hate waking up early.
  7. I have no life. None, whatsoever.
*College- Institute where females were treated at par with the other sex. The institute that gave me an identity, friends to have fun with and most importantly, the tag that pisses everyone off. 

I fucking hate everyone in new college- the sexists, the racists, dumbass', blonde actresses, insufferable know it alls and the hippies.

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