Rant and rash

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Things I have realised after turning 21, rather, in 2013:-

1) I am always broke.
2) I am a sucker for power dressing.
3) One cannot quit smoking, drinking and aerated drinks altogether.
4) I am fat and that upsets me now.
5) I am never losing this paunch.
6) I can never pursue bass playing formally.
7) I have never actually consumed gum after 8 pm. Right now I am chewing Chingles and feeling like a teen rebel.
8) I have no semblance of career or boyfriend or respect.
9) I hate my Grad school and people there and the feeling is mutual.
10) I might actually be failing first semester.
11) London is never happening. Neither is Anthropology. Because no one will ever give me scholarship.
12) I am so broke that I can't even buy a new pair of heels.
13) I am going to live on 1k this month because I am saving two month's pocket money for International Book Fair, to be held in Delhi.
14) I can't bake to save my life. Or ride a bicycle or drive a car.
15) Aerobics scares me more than injections. Actually, I'd prefer biopsy or tooth extraction over turning 180' against the wall, any day.
16) I write crap.
17) Nobody cares.

If you do, you're either very bored or stalking me or just a bout of Ill luck.

If you read this, you know I need a hug, marshmallow and a cup of coffee.

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