Grapes are extremely sour

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Excitement. Nervousness. Anxiety. Confidence. Or the lack of it.

Tomorrow's here. Time to get another rejection. Make a few memories. Feign happiness and drown in celebration of getting rejected once again.

I'm honestly sick of churning out academics. I hope the panel reads this and rejects me tomorrow on the basis of lack of interest over lack of intellect. That'd be killing my confidence truly.

Decided. Need to work. Will pick a job. Ph.D and London can wait. So can chasing men and being chased (atleast, in the head).

Everything else can burn. I'm going to pursue Masters at JMI and get my butt at writing and editing. Polishing that.

So, I made wine out of them grapes and had it all by myself. 

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