St. Teresa meets Emma

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not so long ago when I was in the midst of my final exams, I was distracted. It’d only be fair to admit,
anyone in my position would be indulging in some mind-numbing activity. I, for one, gave names to
philosophers I was trying to get a hang of (Shitgenstein, Run of the Mill) and finding myself glued to
wasting more time on Draw Something and playing winning Monopoly (61 on 63). Playing this all day
made me a dull girl. There was an occasional beer every alternate evening when I’d sit in my room
and cry my head over strange stuff in life- maya as opposed to Brahman. You get the drift?

Around the same time, I was in the mood for some lovin’. I wasn’t getting any love/chips/man/boy/
ho and it’s really bit of a rough phase when you sit at home to study. M broke up a while ago and
she wasn’t exactly in the best of her state either (as much as she may deny or be surrounded with
the academic studs), I felt a teeny bit bad for her. Enter, our fuzz friend. Fuzz boy is one of Delhi’s
finest catch (and I say it for a reason, man is a 6’ tall, humble musician who can bake Choco-chip
peanut butter cookies and can spell). I touched base with him sometime back when he came to
college for a little something we’d organized and found out that he’s single and unavailable.

Recipe for distraction.

This was too good an idea bubble to burst in my head so I happened to discuss it with fuzz friend’s
band mate. He laughed and said he’d speak to FF about it. The same evening when I was working on
procrastinating a fine bit on Silence of the Buddha and keeping my silence, FF called me up and we
spent an hour discussing this “blind date” that was nestling in my mind. He refused to buy that the
idea is merely an anthropological experiment on how two adults behave in the company of each other
they’ve never met. He blamed it on philosophy and agreed (without much hesitation) to be my lab
rat. Next up, was speaking to M, who only agreed because she realised she’s on the other side of
20s and never been set on a blind date. Fair enough. This was working. I refused to indulge either of
my lab rats in any information except for how their date was perfect for them (she has Rapunzel like
locks. He? He can spell and punctuate).

The next part was my favourite. Where to send them lab-rats. Fuzz boy had made it clear that he’d
not like me to be snooping around so I had to fix a fool-proof dinner plan for two of my favourite
persons (who incidentally happen to be hopelessly single) in their late 20s and could do with a
little bit of fun. This is where, I chalked out a list for those who’re looking to go on their first date
(or consequently the ones after that). I give free information and you get to say thank you. (You’re

If you’re big on Ambience:

• No place spells it quite like Amour does. Agreed, food is a bit of a let-down and the service is
painfully slow but isn’t that the point of the date? To be lost in the sweet smelling fragrance
of your date’s perfume under a shamiana. Nothing feels better than that. Ofcourse, it’s
bit on the steep side and not recommended for those in college living off pocket money.
Besides all that, Amour is an experience that can be converted into a long lost memory of a
sweet date. Seal the deal with the churros.

If you like to tantalize your taste buds:

• Magique is strategically located away from the bustling urban life and offers the ambience
and at a price for a meal you wouldn’t mind paying. If you’re not the one for just the
ambience, food here takes the cake though a warning from a veteran, the portions are small.
Their crispy wontons with crab are to die for. Skip the mocktails cause I was nearly poisoned
with extra sugar in my mojito. Here’s a hint, next time you’re there, ask maitre d'hotel for
thin crust pizzas. They are stellar and not listed on the menu. Surprise your date and win
those Brownie points.

If you’re a dessert person and can’t think beyond a coffee shop:

San Churro descended upon in the sleepy M block, GK-2 Market (GK-2, not the famous
GK-1. Okay? Okay.). It is a pleasant break from the run of the mill coffee shops brewing
boring date stories and the break ups that followed there. This joint promises you the best
(hands down!) churros in the city. Their fondue for two gets the prize for serving everyone’s
comfort food (caramel popcorn, brownie, marshmallows the list goes on) with the excuse of
brushing arms with the date. Their hot chocolate deserves a standing ovation though music
is tacky (Hotel Room Service, Love the way you lie. Yuck). If nothing else, you’d have had
chocolate to keep you warm and fuzzy.

If you’re on a budget:

• Feels like college when you have 1k left for the month and your wallet cheated on you with
that Victoria’s Secret catalogue of body mists (it all sounds too familiar). If the aforementioned is true, then My Kind of Street Café is where you should be heading with that special someone (or soon to be
special someone). This quaint café is situated in the bustling neighbourhood of Amar Colony
(second outlet in SDA Market) and offers you a warm, cheerful setup where you can enjoy
their house specialties like Fig Shake and cheese momos (liquid cheese, not paneer). The
bill won’t burn a hole in your broke pocket. Besides, your date can impress your date with
some micro-poetry and stick it on the wall. My Kind of Street Café will provide you with the
post its and the pen.

If Customizing is your idea:

• Don’t like the idea of having people hovering around you? Not too fond of restaurants and
café? You can get your date freshly brewed Malabaar Monsoon from the In and Out store
(next to the Defence Colony flyover) and pick up a percolator from the same place. Carry
water in a thermos and make her a refreshing double espresso shot. Make sure you pack
two slices of Philadelphia Cheesecake from Defence Bakery (Defence Colony market) and
take her for a drive. Settle down in a park, lay the spread. It’ll get the tongues wagging and
you’ll be the topic of next day’s brunch amongst his/her friends.

My lab rats decided on Amour, however, due to some last minute problem, they had to cancel on
that and re-schedule the date for another time, venue being Boheme. Good food, great ambience
and that’s all I was reported. Sniff.

The date went on a little over five hours, Fuzz boy dropped M home in his jeep and that’s that.
Needless to say, none of them entertained my questions and gave me no dirt as to what followed
but I can proudly take the credit for the same.

Oh, those two are still single.

Or so they tell me.

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