September skies

Monday, September 03, 2012

This writer's block is the end of me. Nonetheless, rant aside, I had a stunning weekend comprising of a few common elements. Free flowing alcohol and food and uninterrupted smooth jazz accompanied with conversations that may create controversy otherwise. Friday evening at Sinner with Obe and Saturday evening party at Clumsy Eater's crib. I wish my skill allowed me to write but this block is just not behaving.

September skies bring in blue moon and a nip in the air that is uniquely comforting and fuzzy. It's almost as though it signals transition and new beginnings at so many levels. Meeting friends of friends and all that follows, quite surreal. Shan't go into details because they're painfully long and no one has time for me or my stuff.

Anyway, I was reading some old posts and realised my previous birthday wishlist was quite the fucking teenager while making it. I did ended up getting stuff off that list including admission offer from SOAS, birthday wish from him and Chanel N*5. Yes, that shallow.

Anyway, the list comes this year as well. Pliss to get me stuff just off this or else your present shan't be considered.

  1. External hard disk (What, you don't have an external hard disk?, exclaimed my classmate)
  2. Books. Check with me for titles I want. Fucking wasted time and 8k at Book Fair today for nothing. 
  3. Noise reduction headphones from Bose.
  4. Return tickets to Shibuya. 
  5. Orange wayfarers from Rayban. Alternatively, Janpath.
  6. A bookshelf to stack them books
  7. Polaroid camera
  8. A new backpack for college.
  9. Vintage typewriter
  10. Sugar free mint pellets/ chewing gum carton.
  11. That student exchange trip to France 
  12. Balloons.
  13. Cotton pants
  14. Scholarship/funding for US/UK/Timbucktoo
  15. A batch of cupcakes with sugar frosting
  16. Toga and a trip to Greece wearing that.
  17. A few gigs.
  18. Good old lovin'. 
  19. Someone to make/dedicate me some live music. Brownie points for playing my favourite numbers.
  20. My friends. All of them who've left Delhi.
  21. Him. (heha, from wish to the person himself!)
  22. Warwick double buck corvette (sigh).
With this, I hope I do attain/achieve/possess some such that I listed and more. Flossophy time. Pip pip!

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