Sour punk (Vitamin C)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear July,

You've been an eclectic mix of bittersweet memories- of the last three years and the ones done for now, which will last for a couple of years to come.

I'm of the opinion, there are (and strictly) two kinds of people. First comprises of those who go through a lot in life, and, are usually bred upon the pity party of a sort. The kind my folks admit to having a soft corner to (no kidding, mum if you're reading this, you know what I am saying, family reunion much).

The second comprises of the people, who go through shit and some such yet never come out with it, publicly, as much as possible .

Okay, I don't make much sense on this page (and that, my friend(s), is the new feature of the page.

Please to not get pissed while I go locate my lost sense somewhere. It was last spotted with a bottle of peach Absolut.

Yes, yes. 

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