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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When I first started ‘blogging’ five years ago, I was a naïve 15 year old, two days away from my Board exam result (or was it out?). Many moons later, I’m slightly mature, still looming in academia and still writing. This has got to be a bad introductory paragraph but this had to be there- We’re 5!

Also, you'll notice the new favicon (lonely blogger girl), the Sylvia Plath quote and very mushy pink colour. It's time I explored some colour. Pink doesn't seem bad. So be it, xml coding and transferring widgets night before Linguistics entrance, even my blog needs a face-lift.

In the last five years things have changed and for good. I’ve taken writing seriously- instead of just leaving it behind in the Language paper in school. It’s gotten me some accolades and more brickbats. Blogging has a whole has given me the platform to reach out to so many of you. I may appear to be that forever alone, lonely meme but thanks to blogging people from as far as Iceland can read my work- my life. Agreed, most of the content here is a rant, mediocre and run of the mill daily life but if we stop and see around there are so many things that go on.

I had an epiphany like this today, sadly in the examination hall. N was highly animated and I was majorly distracted because of heat, bad paper and waking up as early as 7 (slept at 5 am). Highly irritable as I was, I just glanced outside the window to see the golden light set upon the grounds of central school. The dust had conveniently settled on the aged palm plant and through the filthy window pane I could see the lazy movements; dust and more of it. Coldplay’s limited vocabulary would define it as ‘Yellow’ but since it’s my blog and I dislike the band (I’m going to lose the few readers I have with that bold statement) I can settle down for beige. It’s a pretty name for that sad a colour.

Ha, that brings me to another thing, the anti-climax or the procrastination I carry around. N and I had a hilarious chat on our way back home about this guy I used to like (oh no, here we go again) who’s jobless (conclusion) even after the fancy course (the entrance we sat for- same course).  N’s dandruff fell all over my answer to ‘Lionel Messi’ (which I got wrong cause of N, anyway). Asshole. I digress but wait. He blamed of procrastinating all the time and being cynical. Hello, asshole.

There’s no point in trying to explain what others have to say and justifying it, at that. Unless, it is said by this man.

Yes, I accept blogoversary gifts. And I don't believe in giveaways. Please to courier me Mr. Levine. 

I'm a person of simple taste- eat, sleep, play, blog, bitch. Also, thank you S, for the wishes.

I won't go home without you.

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