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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My exams officially kick start in about a few hours from now. Hopefully, determine the 'course' of the next two years or so. Needless, to say, I'm a bit fucked in the head and on the body with rash and general confusion regarding my opinion on Libya and Fukushima disaster. (This is not going well).

Fairing philosophy in the last few days has been the hardest ever. Indian Philosophy text is beyond my understanding and mulling over one essay in last two days isn't the best strategy to ace them. A friend of mine says, "you always have these sad stories to tell.." guess this is just the beginning of life.

In other news, I met yet another columnist I used to read as a kid. Funnily enough, he was at this 'party' organized by the University I plan to join in order for us to network with the alumni etc. He was the only one who landed up amongst the graduates and seems fair to assume that was because the venue for the 'party' was the same his workplace. 

So, while he landed himself on the podium and began telling us about his fancy course and brush with Bollywood (quite literally pursued that), I kept pushing my mind hard to think where have I ever seen him. A minute before I spoke to him, it hit me. This is the same guy whose column I used to read that developed any bit of interest in me to pursue lifestyle writing.

Of course, he was more than happy to acknowledge that and even more when he informed that he appreciates it when people remember him from his writing days/column rather than acting in the few films he has. He answered quite a bit and I suppose I was satisfied to say the least, after attending the 'party'. 

Folks have just arrived back from a lame-ass party they're invited to. I had to stay up to open the door. Yeah, quite some 2o year old life I'm living. Now that the work's done, it's bedtime soon. There was a lot more to go in this post but my right hand is fucked for reasons unknown and I can barely stretch it-typing is making it even more uncomfortable. A lot like bass abuse except there has been zero bass in the past month (which sucks). Plus, I'd rather not fuck it (hand) before exam (1o-5:3o, fuck my life). Oh, and outstation relatives did get a whiff of them examinations hence they're bringing their royal ass' over to our place for a couple of nights as a stopover between their home and Europe.

Yeah, legit reasons to crib. Ouch- my hand.

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