Things men have told me

Monday, January 01, 2024

That I come on too strong

That I should have come on instead of checking in if there's a reason they didn't

That I could have made the first move 

That I don't have to be so angry

That I don't have to be aggressive

That I could look pretty if I waxed 

That, they're not sure what they're looking for

That, they're looking for something casual

That, they're looking for a wife

That, they're looking to start a family

That, they're not sure what they're looking for

That they'd rather focus on their YouTube career than spend time dating me or keep me as a long-term option

That they're not sure since they won't be here in the mid-term

That they're not into me cause I ask questions

That I am scary

That reading lots of online articles doesn't mean being well-read and having an answer for everything doesn't mean that I am smart

That I am quick-witted

That I am famous

That I could be famous

That I deserve to be famous

That they'd never be around me if I were famous

That they're not putting in an effort cause I'm not putting in effort

That I don't put enough effort

That I put myself out too much and there's no mystery

That I'm so good

That I'm so bad

That I'm fucking mean

That I am so cool

That I'm evil

That Taylor Swift fans are a cult and anyone who likes her is just an attention-seeker

That women who game only do so to attract men's attention

That women who are into F1 are into it to win the affection of a man who's watching it

That I called them my boyfriend when we were nothing more than passing friends who shared intimacy

That I was hesitant to call him my boyfriend despite us being in a co-habitual routine

That I am dating too many men

That I only write about men

That I only obsess over men

That I don't obsess over men

That I am too cool to be someone's girlfriend

That I'm not cool enough to be their girlfriend

That my body count is pumping

That I haven't been around enough

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