Gifts I'm Accepting This Christmas

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Un-used ISBN number. 

Another ISBN number. I have a thesis lying somewhere that could do with some glamour.

BB-8 miniature. 

Someone to manually frame all the art work I have lying with me. 

Another one to bring a nail gun and fix them in my room. (Can a couple take this and the last one up?)

Fruity body shower gel. Something which has a gel like consistency and not liquidy droop in a bottle. 

Bath and Body Works merchandise. 

Bookmyshow voucher so I can buy myself film tickets whenever the fuck I want. 

Cash, the hard kind. 

Popcorn (that's the only kind of snack I can eat on 1200 calorie diet). 

Ugly Christmas sweater. 

Clothes that actually fit me and are my size. I don't know what's my size. Half my shit is baggy, the other half fits awful. 

Milk chocolate brown matte lipstick. This one by Melt is incredible. 

A good recipe for low calorie crispy, sautéed beans. Been a while, y'know. 

A mix tape and a slice of carrot cake. 

Trip for one at this fabulous location. I'll get my return tickets myself. Thank you very much. 

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