Monday, December 11, 2017

Meghna Talwar edition

"What day is Christmas?"


"No, no. I mean like the date?"

"It's Jesus' birthday. WHY DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT?"

"Haan, I don't know. When is it? Shame on my Catholic School Upbringing."

Mr Malik edition

"You know, Justice League was basically Sallu and friends."

"(laughs) What?"

"Yeah, Superman is Sallu and the rest are his friends."

"Ohh (laughs)."

"Yeah, and Batman is Punjabi."

"(laughs) WHAT?"

"Yeah haven't you seen Batman Begins?"

"Ofcourse I have. When does it say..."

"Yeah so like Bruce Wayne's dad gives him lots of money, he has lots of money and then he gets slapped by that girl, arey that journalist slaps him, and he drives that expensive car at night and beats up all the  men. He's so totally Punjabi rich kid from Punjabi Bagh, or even Paschim Vihar."

Mia K edition

"OMG I didn't recognize you. You've lost so much weight and that ass, I was looking at it like shit is that Baby Banana's ass? It looks so small."

"Dude my ass was always small. Like there was nothing."

"Please, your ass was a nice shape. Hourglass round and all."

"And now you don't recognize it one bit. That's what your boyfriend has done. All his fault."

"My boyfriend is an ass man, you know. It's really sad... (NSFW)."

"Shove some basil up your ass and serve him a nice, hot plate of Pesto Pasta for Christmas. I'm sure both of you will enjoy that Italian meal you've been calling me for since eternity."

Anid edition

"Your view to the sizing up of each other was the crushed dreams and hopes of all these young people who went to IIT. Very nice. How do you ever plan to take your shameless face there again? You've been there while growing up, with us, with your dates and now this. Very nice."

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