30 days of November

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A little over three weeks since I drank alcohol.

52 days since I smoked a doob.

33 whole days since I went on a first date.

Gained a kilo since after losing eight (and probably more as I type).

Was able to clock in on non-stop high intensity workout for 20 minutes.

Commissioned 31 photo-shoots in remote parts of the country, scheduled to be completed this month.

Consumed no McDonald's.

0 weddings attended all of this month, when my entire social media list was basically living from Mehendi to Reception.

Finished two books and one TV series (first season) in a fortnight.

Missed a handful of people I love and miss, every single day.

Ate 1.5 pack of chips. Took a dump in the office washroom when we had two rolls of toilet paper.

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