Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We lost Circuit earlier today. I was at work when I got a message from my father.

"Circuit. passed away."

He fought bravely but his age seemed to work against him. Tick fever, gradual nerve damage and osteoporosis ensured he couldn't get up to walk in the last two months that he was with us.

I'm not sure if it's any easier to see a member of the family die daily, little by little, in front of you. However, it does immune you to seeing the loss and even the pain. Small mercies, eh?

I couldn't get myself to cry. Not a tear. Maybe, I'm just dead inside. Maybe, it's all a shock (look at how I contradict).

My parents named Circuit after the character from Munna Bhai film. The second installment of the film had come out a few months before we got Circuit home. Since everyone in the house was fond of the said figure, it was a unanimously decision.

After the cremation today, I forced myself to get up and eat lunch. I turned on the TV to feel differently.

The first channel I landed on was streaming Munna Bhai MBBS. 

Circuit made his presence felt, despite not being there. I think he'll be okay.

It's us I worry about.

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