Sweet Nothings for your lover (How to get laid edition)

Friday, June 02, 2017

1) Come over right now.

2) Oh you can't come over right now? Come at 2 then.

3) No, not 2:30 pm. At 2.

4) If you can't come at 2 then I won't meet you.

5) Hells ji.

6) Why did you use this picture? Couldn't you find a better one?

7) Acha, come by 7:30 pm.

8) I actually came to your office because I really like it.

9) Have you tried Sanadige? You must try Sanadige. It's amazing.

10) Why don't you burn my work instead of wood for a bonfire?

Bonus entry- Your voice is so sweet.

(Originally uttered by our clients. To us.)

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