Eat Your Heart Out

Saturday, March 04, 2017

"Did you know, in Korea, there's this trend. Men pay these Korean women in some form of Korean/internet bitcoin, to watch them eat food. They get this currency in exchange of regular money, like bitcoin and these women charge them to watch them eat."

"Dude, is it in India yet? Like is this a big thing in India? I totally want to do this."


"Yeah man. I wish they could have the option to customize food they'd like to see the girl eat. Sushi platter in 10 minutes- 6000 bitcoin."

"Papdi chaat with dahi bhalla, 3000 bitcoin."

"Although, I want to know, who pays for the food? Do the women pay or the men buy the food for the women?"

"Don't know man."


"You know, I would pay to watch Dev Patel eat."

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