Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nine solid years of irreverence. Bad writing, poor spacing, blasphemous grammar and mindless use of punctuation, wherever deemed necessary.

I've had supervision upon me for the last year or so, which has been trying to tell me to either improve or go home. In this duration, neither has happened, except for losing that one year. While I am pretty sure, at the end of this, I'm going to be extremely disappointed, I am trying very hard to not emulate the same vibe on this page. Which is perhaps the only reason as to why I don't update/post anything here as often.

And, what can I possibly update even when I feel like? Everyone I knew in 2007 has moved, people I came to know over the years are all gone, all over the place. People around me got career, cars, job, had children, divorced and separated. Me? I moved from using a desktop to one laptop to second and now onto the third. I've moved from one university to the other in the same city. People came and went, heart was broken and mended several times, from negotiating a salary to filling out scholarship forms; it's been a repetitive cycle of zero movement. There's no inactivity but there's also no change. It was great the first time around, not so much the second time. By third time, it's hardly a charm. I am immune to most things, beings and feelings- not so much drama or feels that one gets to write about. I could go for a nightout at 2:30 am and return at 9 am to not write about it. Not for it wasn't fun or great or whatever, but, it's not relevant, really.

Someday perhaps I'll look back and wonder why didn't I celebrate the day with as much vigour as I used to back when I was happy. However, today, I'll live and breathe in ecstacy that the longest relationship I have been in, is with this page. And, I can't be more grateful.

It's our last single digit birthday. :)

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