Stepping Stone to Miracle

Saturday, April 09, 2016

The only factor binding my dissertation is Shah Rukh Khan. Not in a cheesy, he-appears-in-all-chapters-way but more so in a he makes a cameo in each of the mediums I'm writing about, somewhere.

Shah Rukh's apparently, been a VJ for a show on Doordarshan, in the heydays. This is besides his full-blown acting stint for television, the infamous gigs that got him thrown out of the college and the course I attended.

He's also dabbled as a radio presenter for AIR, in one of his critically acclaimed roles in Hindi cinema. I know, I know. He hasn't really been on the radio but you've got to see the film, if you've not already, to know that he's made the journey from virtual to real in his acting. One needs to be convincing enough, which, as it is becomes a task for radio jockey. You're acting either way, broadcast is a different issue.

As for my last chapter, he made an appearance at what is touted as a pilgrim for all young adults interested in pursuing a career out of video blogging. I happened to be there, for their event this year. It was nothing short of mad, all kinds of inspiring (for whom it makes the cut) and equal part exhilarating.

Only if he had completed his degree, he would not have ventured out of television. I'm getting terrible ideas.

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