Dog eared notes

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Discovered this gem in my e-notes today. Dated 12 October, 2015.

"ten alternative researches I could pursue instead of pursuing the current research:

  1. How to conduct a research in 2015- with all your subjects scattered across mediums.
  2. Alternative distraction: When you’re researching on the internet and don’t know where to look besides your subjects.
  3. Why are my research subjects so elusive and other sad stories.
  4. Why internet is the greatest and the worst invention of the last two decades.
  5. Why you should write even when you’re dying. 
  6. Obsessively watching YouTube videos without break: How not to research
  7. I’m not becoming a doctor and other myths concerning my academic life.
  8. Dating is a bad idea: When all your dates insist on visiting you at the university, you should call it quits. From the dates.
  9. When all your peers are earning more working in the field you’re researching.
  10. How to research like a boss when you’ve not been given a stipdend since Summer and are jobless. (Research like a boss: Version No Money A cash strapped summer can teach you all the hacks and innovations of pursuing research without being receiving your stipend)"

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