Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I once attended Sivamani live in concert. It was supposedly a really big deal, back in the day. I'm pretty sure that if you get to attend something of the sort today, it'll not be that big a deal. But, we're talking of the early noughties and live music at corporate parties wasn't a regular deal.

Throughout the event, I covered my ears with my hands. Not for a minute did I let the shielding of my palm come off my ears. I was standing in front of the amplifiers and on the stage right, classic rookie mistake (of being so close to the stage and the speakers). I remember getting home and being awfully pissed about the colossal waste of tv viewing time and stupid office party and live music. The only redeeming factor had been Pao-Bhaji from some part of old Delhi. On a side note, whoever planned that corporate party needs/needed a lesson or two in event management.

Recently, a friend recited an ordeal of a corporate show his band played at, and how this toddler hit the band with used tissue papers and empty bottles. Amongst other things, the audience was extremely rough to these guys. He was agitated and naturally bummed about the situation.

I'd really be hating on the crowd if I were in the band, but back in the day I remember being one of them (the kid) and being oh-so agitated by being forced to attend some prodigy drummer's live show. You don't really know what's happening but all you want is to be at home, using the landline and eating Maggi or some other unhealthy stuff. I can't say the same for the adults (because really, I suck as an adult) but as a kid, I'd be embarrassed as hell if I were to throw stuff at people during their performance. Also, there's no excuse for badly behaved children but in hindsight, a kid holding her ears would be as bad as someone throwing stuff at them. No?

What goes around, comes back around then? I did come back around and look me. YouTube-ing Rahman and noughties feels at 3:21 am.

Oh, and here's a noughties throwback with Sivamani. I wish I had A R Rahman's hair. (also musical ability but hair, more).

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