Rung Number?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Man, I'm pushing the standard down consistently on this page. I've what you might call a fourth edit of a portion of my first chapter (second, chronologically) of my dissertation in less than 12 hours and I'm not even halfway through it.

Instead, I'm finding hotels in Mumbai, flight tickets to Pune and 'things to do in Daman'. Btw, hit me up if you need suggestions on hotels. I think I've nailed one part of my evening to some enviable results. Also, in process I'm trying to force myself into panic which isn't quite happening.

In the quest to give my procrastination an aim, I landed up on this gem of a song (from the first playlist of the hotel I am thinking I will stay in). 2002 came riveting back in visuals, with the dialogues of Hollywood Bollywood (Deepa Mehta). While I may not actively admit today but as a googly-eyed pre-teen, I found Rahul Khanna-Lisa Ray duo to be quite something. I think it's a talent to pick a guy when you're 11 and finding him hot even when you're 24. Khanna is like a glass of scotch. Ever so graceful and delicious even when you go back to his noughties face (I'm merely stating that he's become better. Nobody came out of the early noughties without making a fool of themselves.) it's adorable, almost.

Incase you're not up with the times and/or are not associated with lifestyle cinema writing or cinema scholar, I suggest look up Khanna's blog/Instagram. I'm as convinced as I was when this number came out.

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