Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Just wanted to tell you we broke up."

"She passed away peacefully."

"What I'd like is to tell her that I'll run away from the altar. I want to tell her right now before that situation arrives. I love her but I also love myself. I can't do this to her, knowingly she deserves someone who can love her more."

"Nothing haunts us more than the people we have killed in our head."

"There's certain kind of loneliness in a place which is not your home. A place without friends or family was supposed to bring out the best in you. It never happened to me. I sat by myself all the time and felt terribly alone."

"So, um my mom. She just got detected with breast cancer."

"We're going through emotions that people in this country don't know."

"I quit my job last week and broke up with her yesterday. No one knows it yet."

"Stop talking to him."

"It's not the same anymore. I've to handle everything."

"It's not that I liked him or loved him. I just wanted the satisfaction to break his heart. He didn't give me that privilege."

"I know you're going through depression because I went through depression. I just don't want you to die of it, yet."

"She's been a rock in my life. She's soon to be my fiance. I can't fuck around any longer."

"I've to move back, eventually. There's nothing for me here, anymore. I can't spend more than a year in Delhi now."

"What surprises me and bothers me to some extent is that I don't feel bad. I should be upset but I've not been this happy in a while. I feel light."

"Get well soon. A little worried, I am."

"I can't leave Delhi. My life's here."

"I want to wear a bikini at my honeymoon but I don't think I should with this figure."

"All of my friends are getting engaged, having babies and I'm eating softies. There's something off about it."

"The only good thing about all this is the timing. I'm with my family. I no longer see her in my mind but all that's happening here."

"He does not deserve you."

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