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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At the heart of de-establishing human contact and replacing it with gadgetry, remains the core contact with beings. Those who are at the backend of creating, enhancing and moderating this modern form of communication, business and other such models are the core people in our lives, who we interact with, while we are engaging with those fancy mobile applications and desktop services.

It's been a whole year since I joined one of the fastest growing start-up of the country and quit in measly 35 days. The lessons learnt surpassed those which I acquired in fourteen long years at my school. School's any way a waste of everyone's time and resources available. Jobs are good. Specially those that offer Dal Makhni on Mondays for lunch, topped with Mixed Pakode for evening snack (where the menu changes daily). At my old work-place you could write to the HR if you were to think they're overdoing soya nuggets on Wednesday and didn't have enough chapatis. I digress, but the centrality remains around the network of people building these applications, which enable us to limit our contact with one another and engage with gadgetry more on a daily basis.

A couple of days ago, I found myself repeating a question that a fashion magazine had asked two comedians- if you had to pick one for the rest of your life, would be it Smartphone or Sex? To every popular culture report's surprise, the male comedian had answered smartphone and the female comedian went with the latter. Now, on two levels you could dissect this answer. The gender politics that questions whether the preference for females using technological devices and this mobile gadgetry and the other being the preference to replace human contact by males higher than females. I'll refrain from going further into this because what's really coming up is a convoluted mess wrapped around a grievance and two parts nostalgia of being there.

While I evaluate and compare user services on the basis of UI and the operation of a mobile application, in my mind, their service or the team which connects with the customers over feedback, engagement and grievance response is taken to be the icing on the cake. You can build a fantastic product, but all for vain if the people at the end of the company representing you are morons and have no interest in you or your concerns dealing with their organization. What I'd like to point is that the assholes on the hidden desk who are reading and noting your interaction with the product are the ones you're really interacting with, in this humanless network of communication.

While, I got my groceries delivered through the click of a few buttons and no human interaction, the same can go haywire when the person at the opposite end gives me a 'how dare you get my number?' (well, answer the fucking number on your landline then). The point being, two different sets of human interaction and two entirely different experiences later, I'm cutting this chain of thought short to return to shit ton of work, over due.

No homework done, classes begin tomorrow.


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