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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ideally, I'd have reserved this space for one solitary announcement and waited until the better part of my Blog's birthday this month (we turn 8, yaye!). However, the news is big and I'm super kicked- enough to vomit my dinner out. Also, this is suppose to be private and confidential so I'm keeping the excitement low.

Around eight years ago, I posted my first entry on this page (which is not available for any of you to read- sorry, not sorry). In fact, most of my old posts are unavailable now (which I'd be happy to provide you, for mockery and research purposes, provided we exchange something in return. Feel free to fuck off meanwhile). The context of my first post was that my board result had just been announced or was about to be announced- can't quite remember, and I was a part of some tuition centre, which has been written about extensively over the years- recording trauma in writing. Even though, there was a lot of social networking happening there (and I ignore most of the kids while the exchange is mutual), there were two of who I stuck with, for all these years and they, with me. I've known them longer than most of my friends, today (barring a few from school). Naturally, they've been a part of my excessive enthusiasm curtailing my Blog and writing and all the failed plans and actions this page has ever recorded. I got mild acclaim for this page, way back (I don't remember when, but I suppose 2008?) and a lot of people got on board reading this page back in the day. Over the years, I've mellowed down far more than necessary, I made it a point to not talk about my blog on dates (yes mom, I've gone on dates- I hope Khala doesn't find out), in social gatherings and other places where my introduction was requisitioned. That resulted in the ratings and the hits falling to zero, except for my own hits on weekly basis. Over the last year or so, I've gotten back to revive the page- with discretion, as I use this to channelize my vent against the idiots of the world (I'm talking about you- you know it) and some such. Mostly, it's a good exercise to go back and see where I've come from and how far have I come from misspelling "weird" (hey you- the one who stalked my blog and shared the link of the post containing the misspelt word, what were you doing when you were 16? Getting hickeys?). For those with just a master's degree, it's a passive way of responding to idiocy of the world. While FuzzBoys do it through music and some of us use Twitter, my blog's my bae.

In this long and narcissistic journey, there are like 4-5 people who have been loyal to this page. I've gotten a loyal reader in the just-graduated young lawyer/drummer while the old readers include some of my oldest friends- from school, neighbourhood etc. Most of them come and go, stick around while they spend time with me and proceed to abandon their link with this page. I'm ever so grateful to those who've been reading this page regularly for years now.

One of which, happens to be Dee. I can't go back to linking it but Dee's one of the few who rarely ever talks about things. When it comes to my blog, she has a lot to say. I remember sitting at an upscale restaurant in GK-II with her at her birthday, surrounded by all of her close friends and her family. Over a chicken tikka platter, her younger brother, who was seated opposite me asked me if I still write. I was slightly taken aback. Here's this guy, who's never exchanged more than a cursory hello and goodbye with me and here's him asking about my work. I nodded and asked him if he's ever read it.

"I did. I was asked to do so, by Dee. She said reading your work will help me prepare for my English boards. However, I didn't understand much. You write so...well. Complex."

I was red in the face. What's well is unwell. It's convoluted and complex. I looked at Dee, who admitted to have been recommending the link to her boy (of 7 years) and the kin. Some things leave you puzzled. That evening was one such. I don't think Dee and I ever talked of the content of the blog, yet, she made it a point to read it.

Naturally, I feel indebted for that moment and for the years of friendship. Today she dropped by to announce her engagement with her boy! She's legitimately first one from my childhood friends to be getting married this January and I can barely contain and conceal the excitement. To add to that, she's getting married to the love of her life. Now, please send your offers my way for a rom-com, this couple has it in them to star in a film. Wishing them a fantastic wedding preparation and us all the luck to lose the chubby face fat.

The other, almost heart warming thing's New Girl's season finale. Season 4 has turned out far better than all of their seasons combined. An old friend who chided me for dissing Friends, always maintained the position that this show is for those who didn't grow up on a diet of Phoebe and the gang. Personally, I've been critical of Zooey Deschanel's limited scope of being cute and repeating the same act/performance over and over again. The story was debilitating and had exhausted itself to renew anything different from the repeated loops of romance and affiliations. Yet, season 4 brought with itself a fresh punch of humour and wit, crafted with the end of old staple loops. What captured my attention was the ability for the show to come full circle and end the episode on a note which began with season 1. I don't want to hit spoilers but the finale had me smile ridiculously throughout.

A part of the reason is this song. Dedicated to the freshly coupled friends.

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