The Bathsheba Deadline

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm doing everything but working on a submission, which ought to have gone last night (no problem, send it in the afternoon). Noon's in full swing and I'm listening to the tunes from '07, recollecting writing entries here and listening to pop trash on my then, shiny new iPod. Good god, I've come a long way. From living to recollecting.

Anyhow, I've gotten past getting advisor(s). Two, because insert a cheesy Indian B circuit film about polygamy and some such. I should ideally dedicate a whole post to the past week, however, it was mind numbing to say the least. My grandfather's been in and out of ICU and had shifted to the hospital, temporarily. Over a week of that+ working on getting readings done for weekly dissertation presentation was hellish. All's not well, yet but hoping in some time to come. Just as how, I pull out last minute assignments, chapters, rationale and interventions; things will catch up at the last breath.

Given how I've a bad case of tummy, currently and I'm in no frame of mind to articulate all that was up, I'm picking a short tag off Fa's blog. If you're wondering the urgency to create a post and not have an intent, I'll have you know this is inspiration to get started on chapterization and the other fucking submissions I've lined for this week. Even semesters are always on acid. (1k points if you get the pun in the title of the post. Do come and claim brownies, if you think you know what it stands for. Not applicable if you're my mother.)

1. White or red wine? White; however, red for sangria

2. Who was the last person you hugged? Um, my classmate? I honestly, don’t remember.

3. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? All the time.

5. Do you prefer foxes or wolves? Fox.

6. What is your shoesize? 7.

7. Do you prefer fruit or vegetables? Fruits.

8. Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? No.

9. Would you rather never fall in love again or never orgasm again? The former; for it is overhyped.

10. What does your outfit consist of today? Urgh. Should have answered this yesterday. Since I’m working from home, I’m in my blue ‘shoot pyjamas’ and a black, round neck tshirt which puns Subway to ‘Dubway’.

12. Are you a hypocrite? Aren’t we all?

13. Why did you last cry? Ooh, emotional outburst due to menses and seeing grandfather throw tantrum after the other.

14. What are your favourite smells? Easy. Top three include freshly baked cake (ice cream/butterscotch), the fragrance of petrol, and saving the best for the last, men’s perfume with cigarette.

15. What are your favourite textures? Whatever my quilt is made of. It’s like a huggable human, only dead.

16. Fur or feathers? Feathers.

17. Tartan or tweed? Tweed

18. Leopard print or neon? Neon all the way.

19. Any beauty tips? Remove your eye make-up every night before bed with baby oil.

21. If you won a LOT of money in the lottery and decided to move, where would you move to? Tough call, however, it’ll be either Shinjuku or Sao Paulo.

22. Alcoholic beverage of choice? Mostly Scotch. Beer comes next (presumably, there’s no wine because I arrived late).

23. What is more attractive: Nice hands or nice feet? Feet. Hands are to get your shit done.

24. What’s the youngest you would consider dating? 23

25. If you were around in the sixties would you be a mod or a rocker? Rocker

26. Are thongs sexy? If you don’t have stretch marks, sure.

27. Did you grow up in a healthy environment? I was studying mathematics so I’ll have to answer, no.

28. What do you think of when I say “the twenties”? I’m living through them. On second thought, the glorious jazz age.

29. Could you ever deliver a baby? Um. Can I write another thesis to interest you?

30. Is penetration important to you? Er, sure. What are we penetrating, again?

31.What did your last text read? ‘I’m okay. Just tapped out with work. Need an inspiring break.’

32. Can you ride a bicycle? Yeah, no. But I can write you a paper on the digital uncertainties. Want?

34.Who do you miss right now? Honestly? Chole Bhature. My stomach’s fucked.

35.What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed? Beer. A carton’s lying under my study table. It’s pretty convenient.

36. Paris, London and New York… which one would you live in, which would you visit for a day, which would you visit for a fortnight? Big Apple, London and Paris, in that order.

37. What is your sexuality? Asexual/straight.

38. Heavy rain or heatwave? Heatwave and a pack of Allegra with Diet Coke.

39. Chicken or fish? Tough call…chicken, I suppose.

40. Do you think suits are sexy? If worn by men, for sure.

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