Love, summarized by reading Kar-Wai

Saturday, November 01, 2014

I'm writing a paper on Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express (1994). A film that is a pastiche of characters intermingling within the rhizomatic plane which lacks any sort of intimacy. Intimate moments are forged through the association of the 'other' through representing memory and this canned memory, then, acts as the comforter that leads the characters with the course of the action.

No, seriously.

This isn't my term paper and being the precursor of crap taking shenanigans, I unloaded my dump on this page.

Amongst the 64 tabs opened on my phone's browser, this one caught my eye. Re-blogging this from someone's tumblr on Chungking Express.

'Things Wong Kar Wai taught me about love'

1) You will fall in love only once. Obstacles will prevail. The rest of your life is spent recovering.
2) Anything that distracts you from the pain of your loss is good. Some people are more successful in this regard than others.
3) Eroticising their objects will be the pinnacle of your sexual fulfilment.
4) Desire is kept eternally alive by the impossibility of contact.
5) The most potent way to exist is to occupy someone else's imagination.
6) Technology will only heighten your sense of desolation making you more keenly aware that no one is trying to call.
7) Hook up with someone. Live with them. Sleep with them. Don't be fooled. You are only a transitory distraction. Ask for commitment. Declare your love. Watch the setup evaporate.
8) Some coincidences are deliberate.

Here's hoping my term paper reads like this tumblr post and not like me. 

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