Summer Playlist Platter

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer of '14 has me tripping on the playlist of dreams, that is not only helping me write but generally ensuring I workout in a way of tapping left foot as I attempt to train my ear. Hopefully, in the coming week or so I'll get back at regular bass practice (provided the potential employers reading this decide to give me the opportunity doing so by remaining not so potential employers then). Crap aside, here's a list of top five tracks on my plate this fortnight.

  • Taste Your Kiss- Madboy/Mink

Move over Parov Stelar, this killer duo packs a burst of spunky bass line and smooth vocals over synthesizer, vocorders in less than five minutes, bringing the idea of 'post-modern' take of disco on electronic music. I'd argue for the same saying it has several jazz influences but would be slapped by purists while doing the same. The only hitch while listening to this duo is that my focus wanders from writing and I burst into some moves, occasionally, embarrassing myself and those around me who happen to witness this. I could slog and 'acquire' talent but never will I ever be as versatile a singer as Saba Azad. Massive crush and spot one to them, Madboy/Mink is our answer to electronic swing, world.

  • England's Carol- Modern Jazz Quartet

Okay, before you hit me with "It's Not Christmas!" (complete, with upper case N), you have to be a complete stone to not appreciate the childlike innocence replicated by Milt Jackson's vibraphone that makes MJQ a league apart from any other jazz act available. This version is not the same as what I have (gifted by a friend) but this is the closest to the one that I have, available for streaming free. Jazz is an acquired taste or that of genetic loving. I won't be surprised if you don't agree with me here but England's Carol comes with a bias of being a personal favourite- playing the role of mashed potato with butter in the list. 

  • Hey Now- London Grammar [BLOT Bootleg remix]

London Grammar has been in my playlist since the first year of Masters and this bootleg mix by BLOT (Basic Love of Things) is soon heading towards acquiring more number of plays in my list than the original. The number of layers in the original recording remains the same as Gaurav Malaker seamlessly adds on his magic on the number thus making it a must for the summer of '14, taking forward London Grammar's Spring version to suit the Indian summer. This might be the closest I've come to passive smoking Classic Milds. Maybe it's the lack of aspartame in my system but listening to this has similar effects as one has after the consumption of tobacco. 

  • Jalte Hai Jiske Liye- Talat Mahmood

Very rarely when I feel like indulging in comedy on internet, I proceed to reading the comments on commerical Bollywood tracks uploaded on Youtube. Cheap thrills lead me to discover some tracks that have now marked their way into my list of music that I am saving for some project to come and hit me. This number by Talat is essentially one of them, that has me singing along. Soulful lyrics that work as Onion Soup to a broken heart, the analog recording does strike a note that the mouth organ fails to evoke. (I'm an embodiment of all that comprises the character of Stuart from The Big Bang Theory just for this track.)

  • Indulge Divulge- Fuzz Culture

Coming home to the music you've worked on earlier is akin to enjoying a side of French Fries. No matter what the occasion, fries always seal the deal. They're the Regina George in a trio, Charles Mingus in a quartet and so on. Indulge Divulge is that side which is fried to perfection, only born to deliver the unstoppable music mixed and produced by Srijan Mahajan and Arsh Sharma. Indulge Divulge feature on an EP by the same name as released by the duo, which went ahead and won the VIMA for existing, this year in March. I'll also be partial to them because I've seen footage of the guys playing this and the live electronic experience is completely different from limiting oneself to merely tinkering with the console and the softwares. It is also a delight to edit to and on their samples. My showreel bears the sample from their debut EP. 

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