Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today is a remarkably important day in the history of mankind for two important reasons.
  1. 30 April marks 10 years since Mark Waters released Mean Girls. 
  2. Today is the last working day at my Film school. This means, 
  • My academic career, comes to an end. No longer can I slip into nighties and comfortably lounge around in boxers eating cheese toast at 2, pretending that I study hard enough to deserve all that. That is not legit any longer. I can't blame my hormones or my exam schedule and can no longer hate my classmates since some of them might actually employ me. 
  • I'm heading towards unemployment fully. I'm no longer required to follow anyone's orders except that is literally the only thing I ever knew. All that life taught me is to obey people and now that there is no one, I know not what to do. 
People need to really tell you with extreme kindness and considerate politeness on how to write cover letters, skillfully decide what you're good at, make scintillating life changing decisions, all this while looking good and making meaningful cinema. 

Hold on for a longer post, phone battery dying. 

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