"Welcome to Production!"

Friday, November 08, 2013

In the last forty hours or probably more, I have put down close to about 15000 words on paper. I assumed that NaNoWriMo for me ended when the semester end projects began but the idea behind the activity is to write, and write more. I feel like having achieved quite a bit in having submitted the production booklet with the last detail planned to perfection and sealed on paper, atleast after having pulled out several all nighters.

With the last couple of days, Diwali, Pre Diwali, Post Diwali, Proposals and Production Booklets, I have been categorically avoiding the "P" words. There are more in the line but I'd rather not put them down on a public forum to be devoured by obscure people who read this.

Last night, I pulled a group all nighter, which is harder than an individual one considering your pace can never be as slow as the group's, your disciplined working method can put a Navy marine behind and your lack for nonsense can render you completely tired at the end of this forty hour ordeal that didn't include food and water services post the first twenty four hours. I was looking forward to this time and space since I'd rather be exploited than be dying of boredom but the amount of drama that goes on in the backdrop with the work flow can really put Ekta Kapoor's brain child to shame. Do I dig the drama? No. Will my life proceed without it? No. We can't have TRPs and also please the critics, now, can we?

So last night, as I was describing, we sat together at OCD ridden friend's flat where a lot of shit went down, puns fully intended. Each of us on an average took about 5-6 loo breaks so you can imagine the amount of dumping that was done. Bad Snobster, cracks bad film school jokes. However, it was a sight to see when I dropped my deepest brown nail paint on his bed while I was applying second coat, clumsily on my right hand. I had a feeling that he would be completely mad but the gracious host made me the most stunning cup of masala chai and coffee while I finished compiling my 15k word 'booklet'.

The house itself deserves a mention on the blog. The room could beat any five star suite's double occupancy accommodation by the sheer volume of flamboyance and style. I have never envisioned any bachelor pad, specially used in a condition to pull all nighters to work in this condition. This is the good kind of shock, that usually visual art provides. Only in my case, it's the rich Bombay boy who is too old for college.

TV Production is turning out to be way more challenging than any of us had envisioned which means that it will require all of us to pull our socks and work in the situations where there will be multiple scene changes and all under one take, without any chance to screw up. Now, that's an exam.

I am losing marbles and interest in the case of film shoot. Arris have never been kind to me and I, a cold hearted bitch to them so it's natural when my interest level drastically dips down without contributing anything concrete other than pulling my resources and wracking my brains for the story. The shit needs a major push in technology by about fifty years or so. Perhaps then will I regain my interest.

As stiff as this post may sound, I have exceeded my bed time by three hours as all I have done in the last few hundred minutes is to type endlessly- mails, requests, applications, blogs, stories (YAY!) and messages. The battery in my body and laptop will expire but not before I update the fact that our college lost my shoot equipment requisition for the 5 am shoot, this week. The film shoot is clashing with a holiday so we cannot proceed with the locations that we would have ideally liked. The permission for using locations cannot come hither considering it's not a working day and the shoot needs to take place within the college campus only. The TV shoot too, has been pushed indefinitely since our institution believes that 'heaven can wait' for professors to come from UK and give us a lecture on cinematography when everyone is killing for time in the last few days. Bummer. If only they knew, all hell broke lose because of them. 

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