Where I get a Crate of Diet Coke and MacBook Pro

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long time ago, I used to define myself with my writing. Now, it's a forgotten path to an old friend's house. One has pleasant memories of walking back and forth, but that's just not what defines me anymore. 

Justifying my absence by putting the terms "hectic schedule" and "procrastination" cannot completely be true. I have time to grab coffee, return fancy dress outfits (more on that, in this post) and sitting for pre production meetings, but just when it comes to updating this page and registering the shining new MacBook Pro, I claim to be in the top league of CIA. 

If you've been consistent visitor to this blog, you would be aware of the long term wish and surprisingly you would also know how MacBook completes it for me (for time being). The new laptop cost my folks thrice the amount of ten set of kidneys sold, twice over. Top of the range, sleek system now rests on my sofa for the last six days because I've either been sick or tired or extremely sleepy. Causes unknown. Remedy? None. 

MacBook was a part of the set of gifts folks got me for birthday. For a change everything in the line of material possessions was good. Good being acceptable my standards and definitely wow by others. Makes me sound like an uptight, unpleasant bitch but knowing me, it's a tough territory to please. Presents from friends were, for a change, quite handy. Well, most of them. From homemade ice cream to crate of Diet Coke to whole bunch of books (that I finished reading right after the birthday weekend) and jewelry. Quite pleased with the set of friends I've accumulated. Mostly everyone complimented me on that at the lunch party other than my neon scrunchie. I love me lazy fall lunch, complete with thin crush pizza and relatively cool indoor settings. That's exactly how the venue was. The company was stellar. Best of friends from college, WMS and Grad School as well as people who do not belong in the aforementioned section, trying to have sane conversations minus the influence of alcohol. Dinner was funded by the moolah I earned over the last two months. Spent that treating everyone. Cannot explain the satisfaction of earning money and the happiness derived after blowing it. 

Salary, Mac, birthday. Quite a few things to keep up my sleeve along with the regular- college. 

If there is a graph to represent the schedule and work to be completed in third semester, this month might just overshoot the acceptable range of values. This week alone I'm scheduled to be a part of four shoots and direct one out of them. After working on 'Audio' and as 'production assistant' in today's live dance exercise in TV studio, I'm scheduled to assist a group with their shoot and work on my first silent 16 mm exercise. In other words, not looking forward to rest of this week. 

Every week, we have a TV shoot without fail. Mondays are scheduled for briefing from director who have a one-to-one round with the TV faculty. It seems, we are only asked to attend college on Mondays to be the audience to the supposed 'briefing'on the 'vision'of the director. Needless to say,the day is wasted with the other half gone on condescendence passing from the other set of faculty members dealing with other paper. All I know about my life is that it is wasted since I've not managed to seen Apocalypse Now and inspite of having been asked the name of it's editor, I am still unaware of the names of the people who edited this piece of art. Apocalypse now. Puns intended. 

Tuesdays are invariably shoot days. Indoors mostly, outdoors rarely but on the days we have two shoots, we die. Taking the liberty of saying this on behalf of everyone. Sme die due to excessive yelling and pestering, while others due to stress and the labour involved in producing something. Wednesdays are usually very chill with mostly sit down discussions and movie screenings (now, a much scarce affair) and most of the class ends up escaping it. Wednesdays are also reserved for any kind of pre production work to be carried on for the shoots scheduled over the weekend. Thursdays and Fridays are the end of me. One, because by the end of the week I'm drained out and second because 16 mm film and I are not very friendly. The editing is something I haven't done much but it definitely scores over shooting on Arri. 

To be honest, the difference between film and video is quite like upright bass and electric bass. One needs to, at some point master the former to be able to capture the essence of what the latter holds in the wooden body. As much as I'd like to master film cameras or for that matter double bass, my abilities don't allow me to excel and anything done with mediocrity makes me severely disinterested in it's course of action. I'm proceeding with hasty judgements even though I've not had a hands on experience with Arri personally and neither have I ever played the double bass but knowing me, this shall be the most desired outcome. 

Saturdays are divided between faculty members, depending on when any member feels they ought to spend more time with us, take us for some film festival, schedule as hoot or for the lack of their better plans. So, more often than not, everyone is scattered and dead by the weekend only to return like walking dead zombies on Monday, the week after that. 

College, as they say, is passing away too soon. They claim it's because I'm having fun. Theillusion of time passing sooner than it does happens in such situations. Perhaps it is the case or perhaps I'm extremely busy with shenanigans like watching classmates do Bharatnatyam on 'Whenever Wherever' and seeing a director discussing the heart shaped balloons during live music show is far better than cribbing over Physics. Aristotle would hate me but this is evidently once in a lifetime chance. Better get my shot with Arri BL for once and for all. 

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