The Tatas and cameras like to flash

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lost my boob virginity in the middle of the fucking market in the presence of OCD ridden homeboy, sibling, her friend and whole lot of sundry characters. I'd describe in a fancy elaborate post but I've no patience to put down shit, I'm 68 calories over for the day, without fucking dinner and with the inclusion of three salad meals. Also, I should cut for paragraphs. I hate film school. I like success. I'm tired. Don't think. 

Have you seen that episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon yells at the boys for Penny and Bernadette's behaviour that made Amy Farah Fowler so sad? Man, Sheldon Cooper has never looked sexier than that. 

Also, I hate my sibling. For stealing shit off my wardrobe, for not telling me that my shirt's button had unbuttoned and that my lilac bra was on full fucking display to the stupid boy from my class. ARGH. 

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