Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturdays are turning into a pitiful pattern. I return home after being extremely frustrated at spending my life in college (with no returns), I mourn my financial dependency and the lack of independence thereof. I crib about everyone I attend Grad School with (men are chauvinist pigs who occasionally treat pretty women well, the rest of us can die), the professors need to get out of the obstinacy of knowing what they do and not want to expand their horizons. I would complain about them being uptight but that would be sheer hypocrisy. 

What happens after a terrible, terrible day like this is that I withdraw myself to myself (ahem) and end up watching TV and since I miss playing the bass with Acapella singers from undergrad college, I watch Glee. 

When it started out, Glee had my full attention. The concept was unique. I was new to the world of Acapella and experiencing it first hand in college as well as watching the New Directions perform some of the stunning numbers made me extremely happy. Yes, storyline sucked and it fell too damn low on the graph for me to even publically acknowledge that I liked that show but I caught it on and off.

Season four, however, has made a major comeback in my life and how. It's funny how in the span of three weeks, Glee has been predicting the week that I anticipate. I wish I could explain with each episode but it gets a little too personal for a not so anonymous blog that has mysterious readers (again, Hi mom). Today's Glee marathon was another one. 

You see, I'm not denying that they don't go over the top. Ryan Murphy loses it at times and that reflects in this show but it has it's moments of rare genius flowing through some sequences. My classmate explained this theory to another one and while I eavesdropped their conversation I thought to myself that this is completely ridiculous. However, after watching six episodes of Glee, it completely fits in. 

Glee doesn't stand for overcoming social evils or showing how people who can't be accepted in, eventually blend in the crowd. It doesn't even qualify as a show I'd recommend to anyone. The storyline cringes me with so much drama and intense non-sense that makes me questions my choice but it is this rare moment of genius that the storyteller (the people who ideate creative process- say the director, writer) ensures comes out during a line or two that characters say it out loud. My classmate mentioned the example of this godawful movie 'Rockstar' by Imtiaz Ali. He claimed that it was the monologue towards the end of that movie that explained the perspective of the director and that is sheer genius. As idiotically he used this example for the next piece of information he gave in, I feel like taking this monologue out as a subtext here would be befitting example of the same theory. 

Glee makes sure it spells out at times what it aims at and that locks in the beauty of the show. For some, having a 'Kiki' would be outrageously futuristic (even for the Western audience) and a bold attempt to recreate, yet, it scores full marks with me. It pains me to see the world moving towards flash mob at a Thanksgiving Party on Glee, with Bushwick as the backdrop and my classmates progressing to make a music video on a rap song by Abhishek Bachchan. If nothing else, Glee is definitely my favourite TV show for all the fast cuts, stunning camera work and continuity editing. I have to give the technical team this much. And, for those of you who are following season 4, the Superhero episode was a delight to watch, with all the graphic novel effects as a plot breakdown and rare moment of genius by Ryder. 

Maybe, I am a sucker for finding comparisons and seeking parallels and that's why I return to Glee. With Rachel gone out "chasing her dreams" and the rest of the Mckinley High coming to terms with the new team dynamics, I feel I snapped out of a part of my life that I dearly enjoyed. I miss hanging out with my friends, I miss being in company of people that I loved and I miss the positivity. I crave my nightouts and the deadlines I always missed. I miss being around happy people and people who heard me crib and whine. I miss the green room immensely. I miss being on the stage and chewing gum. I miss dressing up like a man and strutting the corridor. Nobody is stopping me from doing anything but I guess I am just not happy anymore. Time is passing a little too soon and I feel like I've wasted a lot of it without having achieved much. I want to play the bass but I am not playing it. I wanted to write, but I don't make any attempt. I like clicking pictures but I rarely use my camera. 

Maybe it's about time they lost Sectionals and I, my sanity. 

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