Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Palm smeared with Vicks, all over the chest. Warm massage and the disgusting medicinal smell that lingers on. Lights shut, music tightly packed in a sleeve with bare minimum volume. Counting sheep and everyone who can jump to the beats of Alt+J. Turn pillow upside down. Switch sides on the bed. Switch the corner on the bed. Sleep on the tummy. Lie still for 17 seconds and cough. Think of painful things like how school sucked in eight grade. Think of how sick you were when you had pneumonia. Cough more. Cough more. Think of how you cleared school. Think of how unhappy you are in the current state. Think of everything that could go wrong. Count the number of months left in Masters. Count the number of months left in Masters this semester. Five. Cough. Painfully long duration. Count how many years you tolerated math in school. Turn on your right side. Stare the the light coming from mosquito repellent machine. Get up. Turn the lights on. Count till ten. Start writing. 

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