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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two packs of strawberry yogurt and two books archived. Good productivity? I think so too. Amongst other things in my life, I am fairly blessed to be working next door to one of India's leading media houses which stands for truth, and fly looking journalist. This afternoon's yogurt run ensured stunning eye contact with the hottest man I've seen this month. As convinced as I am that he works next building, also pretty sure he's married/into his girlfriend of seven years so that ends happiness. Nobody to share my strawberry yogurt with. Extra spoon goes in my work-bag.

A week and a half into internship, I've to say, I'm lucky. Sure, every summer yells "EXCEL" and every summer I eat litchis (100 points to you if you get the reference) but this one's comparatively better. I am working closer to home, they have agreed on stipend, it's mostly interesting work, I get to use a desktop, strawberry yogurt is available 'round the corner, fellow intern isn't competitive.

I should be jumping with joy.

My work is digitizing the pictures from coffee table book this publishing house produces. It's pretty interesting because I'm editing as well as archiving at the same time. Also, so far, not dealing with moronic manuscripts keeping me cheerful. I get well written books, almost to post-produce. I also get offered chocolates and chewing gums, latter is my preference though. The workplace reminds me a lot of my undergradtuate college. Lots of women- good natured and smart. No one yelling, "Ee Ka Hai?" in my face. This place reaffirms my faith in real world.

However, the floor where I am placed is a vehement proof of "Ee Ka Hai?" as reality. I am the second woman on the floor amongst all men. Indian men if I may add. They mostly joke around, talk a little loudly and behave just as most boys in eleventh grade do. Slightly different than Micheal Scott but not Schrute either.

After having discussed internships with different classmates, most of them are cribbing about the bad bosses or hopeless work, I feel slightly better. Other's misery, one's happiness.

It's a little too early to jump in the corner that is allotted to me.

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