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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seven years and having grown three cup sizes later, I went to the Sunday book market at Daryaganj last weekend.

I don't remember why I stopped taking that regular pilgrimage beyond a point. Was it because I was getting groped? Was it because I was pursuing academics diligently or just Harry Potters wouldn't interest me any longer? I can't recall. This Sunday, I gave in to the rusty looking books and the nostalgic trip that defined a cheerful idea of weekends when I was a teen. This trip, however, was solely designed to enjoy the culinary delights that goat's brain could offer.

After having reached at the kilometer long stretch, it took me a minute to take in the scent of books mixed with overcast. Humid day and books all around. My spirits were cheerful enough to last me a walk of back and forth from the point of arrival inspite of not having a single penny or even my phone to capture the beauty of the place.

In many ways, the book market has changed. More than books, there were hawkers selling meme based tshirts, glasses, frames and pyjamas. Old editions of Harry Potters have been replaced by John Grisham. Gratitude to the universe because I was speculating both Potter and Twilight series everywhere. Old and new editions of Lotpot were available- something that is vintage for me. I am not quite fond of the new digital illustrations but it brought a smile on my face. The New Yorkers replaced my only purchase of Teen Vogue this time around but I went back with the satisfaction of knowing that Lodge has found a place at the book bazaar.

One can always have a good day and not have any money if it involves an extremely good looking stranger buying books from the dog eared second hand pile. You know you'll always be indulged in books no matter what state they come in. Reminded me why I should venture out every Sunday and see what the world is up to.

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