Hell is other people

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I feel pathetic for making my parents pay a lot of money (enough to buy me an year long supply of heels from Steve Madden) to make me go through the self-realisation or the life learning lessons that I am learning at Masters. This degree will be a vehement proof of my skill set to deal with people and manage everything- politics and proving yourself. It's a big fucking playground and no one looks forward to saving the tiny caterpillar lurking around harmlessly.

I'm constantly failing at that, learning skills and even academics. My life's a big fat lie. They shouldn't raise kids like me. We have a hard and a bad time in this world.

This is why people like Nietzsche committed suicide. Not because of insanity. But people.

Severe bout of depression and alcohol craving when I am full of rash. Go away.

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