I need a chapstick (and a better title)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

"People surprise you.", Man Friday tells me in his deep profound tone, that he reserves for 3 am conversations, which is when he gives solace to whiny yours truly, after she's had a bad day with some douche.

I have to admit, he is right.

As much as I hate agreeing on the statement that puts Man Friday has a point there. You meet all sorts of people and form an opinion. Depending on that, you carry forward your interactions with them. Some for convenience, some for favours, some to have a ball with and the others you add in the spam or trash file depending on their first/second interactions. My trash can is overflowing and spam folder is trying to survive culture growth. Time and again, I mention, I rely on very few friends and can trust them with my life. This ideology has been challenged by today's rare occurrence.

As I was struggling with my dissertation, the last two weeks were smooth because I delegated the responsibility of getting 100 forms filled to people who I knew would do it. One of them, due to some unforseen circumstance could not deliver the work. Out of my trusted team of 3 people, one fell down. Not due to his fault but those 30 forms were crucial. Then again, by the laws of nature, the ones that I got back had all sorts of funny things including, "dimag ka dahi mat kar." (don't try to ferment my mind into yogurt).

Today, I got down do accomplish the task I have been delegating to my trusted army. They did a decent job but I had to get my work done, which meant, I had to get my hands dirty.

I started out by sending group mails to my classmates who I was sure to get a response from (because, everyone's ass is equally fucked in terms of getting respondents). The second target group included guys- the minuscule number that I know from everywhere considering the holistic all girls environment I was trapped in until I turned 21. That was done. Finally, touched base with tight set of school friends aka the bitches from school whom I almost forgot in the process of trusting my 'army'.

Nearly everyone whom I thought would let me down didn't let me down. I had a drunk friend calling in and asking me the details and filling the survey all the way from Hong Kong, musician friends who took the time out from rehearsals, tracking, the friends I haven't met in months coaxing their guy friends to fill my survey up,  other friends who are dabbling with their exams, junior jumping everywhere and getting her man-army to do it and countless others who sent a direct mail to me. This doesn't undermine the work of my army, only reinstates my faith in mankind and particularly my set of friends. This one's for those of you who have never met me, don't know me and yet took the time out to fill my survey (facebook chat is my new best friend). I dedicate this bastardly note to you on this page that no one ever checks. I am kind like that. Insert a lot of pseudo, I love the world crap that will vanish by tomorrow morning. 93 surveys done. I have the best fucking friends in the whole world.

I am too much of an emotional fool tonight and my eyes hurt with over 9 hours of surfing the net. More, later. 

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