Silver lining isn't enough

Thursday, January 17, 2013

College reopened today and in an hour time's I was entirely sure of what a grave mistake it had been joining this institute. Half of the repulsive classmates were missing and that wasn't a saving grace so one can imagine how hard the rest of the term will be. If that's not all, the course load seems to be shitloads, only to be completed in the course of four months.

This term is about picking our final piece between Radio and Photography. As much as I like the latter, I can't seem to pick the technique and manage viva shit. The former will ensure some shitty job at the end of these two years. Latter is more inclined towards the course I wanted to pursue from SOAS, former means easy. I don't know what option I'll end up taking but as of now I'm on the brink of a nervous breakdown with the attack of strange.

The only sort of respite is the prescribed list of readings. The syllabi for one of my papers is more of less concerning anthropology, aesthetics and media. Came home with the reading lsit and downloaded it all. Pleasantly surprised at the end of the day by finding a brand new copy of Susan Sontag's book at home, which is also the main text.

I like to talk nerd. It's the last of those ties that remains with me. It'll be a pain studying theory with uninterested nincompoops and asslickers. I can only hope I don't turn into one if them by the end. I'd prefer to be chaloo fancy as I've been described by a dear classmate, as opposed to one of them.

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